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Wendigo Moon

Night falls quickly here sliding through the trees, covering the earth in darkness. You can see why stories warning you about setting out into this deep night are past down through the generations. Yet every so often a creeping urge, nay a soft calling whispers to you “abandon, forsake, set free your burdens to the dark.”. Some ancient force tied to the land and patient beyond human comprehension can call you, and wait. Simply wait until you are weak of will of succumb to its temptation. Looking up into the night sky you can see the bright moon, forever changing yet unchanged. This night her guiding light dimmed before another. This light just as ancient but far less benevolent. On nights like tonight when the Wendigo Moon hangs low in the sky build your fire high, chase away its false light, or you too may very well be lost to the ancient influence of the Wendigo.


A bewitching and luxurious scent that invokes the freedom of dance around a sacred flame. The Witching Hour is a rich woodsy scent that presents top notes of tobacco leaf and opulent spices. Settling comfortably into middle notes of tonka bean, the delicate blush of tobacco blossoms in the moonlight, sensual vanilla, and dark cacao. Culminating in the grounding base notes of sweet and delicious dried fruits, and toasted warm wood. Available in our signature solid perfume formula, liquid roller perfumes, and handcrafted soaps.

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