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The Witching Hour

You yearn to feel the delicious freedom of your body moving through space around a crackling blazing fire. Spurned into a frenzy of unbridled pleasure you grasp the warm hands of your fellow dancers and experience the power you are summoning push against the veil of reality like your breasts moving against its bodice. The flames swirl and blur as you twirl and sway to music channeled from depths unknown. As the fire grows higher it bursts into colorful dancing familiars swept up in your ecstasy. You can feel the presence of a mighty power inhabit your body and share just a drop of its knowledge and power with you, this single drop nearly overwhelming your mortal form. Together two become one as the fire blazes, casting shadows and light out into the darkness. After this Witching Hour all time will kneel at your feminine temple. After this Witching Hour you will bend to your will the power you were born into, yourself.


A bewitching and luxurious scent that invokes the freedom of dance around a sacred flame. The Witching Hour is a rich woodsy scent that presents top notes of tobacco leaf and opulent spices. Settling comfortably into middle notes of tonka bean, the delicate blush of tobacco blossoms in the moonlight, sensual vanilla, and dark cacao. Culminating in the grounding base notes of sweet and delicious dried fruits, and toasted warm wood. Available in our signature solid perfume formula, liquid roller perfumes, and handcrafted soaps.

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