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Book Of Shadows

As you walk into a darkly lit room, the walls are lined with books and scrolls from every place, time and language. Candles flicker in their mounts, slowly pooling wax at their bases. An ornate desk sits unattended in the center of the room, its glossy finish reflecting the soft light back at you. On this desk inkwells and quills are strewn about across the many different parchments and texts like abandoned weapons on a battlefield. A well worn and imposing book rests at the center of this chaos waiting, as some books do, as if they know what secret knowledge they hold. A book that knows it is coveted and sought after by the countless and faceless. Apart from time these books are masterless, vibrating with insight into the mysteries of the known and unknowable. This is your Book of Shadows and it waits for you.


A deep and dark scent with top notes of tobacco, musk, bergamot, and myrrh. Heart notes in Book of Shadows hold an exotic spiciness of black tea, coriander frankincense, and pepper. All culminating in the base notes add a lasting richness and depth to Book of Shadows with aged teak wood, patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla. This warm and seductive scent will surely win over the most sophisticated of perfume enthusiasts with its complexity and uniqueness. Book of Shadows is perfect for men and women alike focusing on warmth and a luxurious tone that is deliciously universal. Available in our signature solid perfume formula, liquid roller perfumes, and handcrafted soaps.

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