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The Conjured Rose was breathed into existence by two women who felt like the rituals of daily life have lost their magic. Mary Syring and Desiree Kulleskog met in the fall of 2014 and an instant friendship blossomed. Their shared passion for history, mythology, art, and prohibition era cocktails was the bedrock for the founding of The Conjured Rose. Mary Syring's haunting and beautiful illustrations perfectly capture the mystery and complexity of The Conjured Rose perfumes, for more of her magical art follow her on instagram @marysyring or visit her website at The simple act of applying perfume can seem mundane and ordinary when viewed through a modern lens, which is why we at The Conjured Rose are dedicated to infusing each of our products with layers of stunning visuals and immersive storytelling. Thank you for supporting our passions and dreams. 

With Love, 

Desiree Kulleskog & Mary Syring

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