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Wendigo Moon Oatmeal Shea Handcrafted Soap

Wendgio Moon- Oatmeal shea butter handcrafted soap 


An undeniably wicked scent filled with the mystery and allure of the American Southwest and Great Plains. Wendigo Moon boasts top notes of honeysuckle, geranium, ozone, lavender, and coriander. Middle notes of sage, rosemary, jasmine, and incense. Culminating in deep, lasting base notes of dark musk, amber, cedarwood, vanilla, and nag champa.


Top: honeysuckle, geranium, ozone, lavender, coriander

Middle: amyris, incense, sage, rosemary, jasmine

Base: sandalwood, dark musk, amber, patchouli, vanilla, cedarwood


size: 3.5 oz

Wendigo Moon Oatmeal Shea Handcrafted Soap

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