Fill your home or adorn your altar with the new Lunar Triad scent "The Witching Hour" in our new heavy cast iron miniature cauldrons. These soy blend candles ignite into crackling bliss with their eco friendly wooden wicks and are sprinkled with glitter, sage, and dried flowers. Each candle is 3.5 oz with an approx burn time of 25 hours of scented bliss. 


A bewitching and luxurious scent that invokes the freedom of dance around a sacred flame. The Witching Hour is a rich woodsy scent that presents top notes of tobacco leaf and opulent spices. Settling comfortably into middle notes of tonka bean, the delicate blush of tobacco blossoms in the moonlight, sensual vanilla, and dark cacao. Culminating in the grounding base notes of sweet and delicious dried fruits, and toasted warm wood.


Top: tobacco leaf, spices

Middle: tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, cacao

Base: dried fruits, warm wood



Black Cast Iron Candle "The Witching Hour" Scent